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State of Reform

RDR partnered with the State of Reform in May 2015. We were a new company but DJ Wilson (CEO) believed in us and that was the beginning with our largest client.

Who is State of Reform

The goal of the State of Reform Health Policy Conference is to provide a framework for the discussion of the most pressing challenges facing health care today, by the most diverse audience of health care professionals possible. We engage all parts of the health care spectrum – from delivery to legislation, from payment to workforce development.


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Pinetree AB

Pinetree AB is a Stockholm based recruiting firm. We have started working with them since December 2016 and we still work every month for them. Our job is to give them a flawless supply of potential job candidates with all possible details data.

Who is Pinetree AB?

We do what no one knew was possible. Changing the foundation of recruiting and headhunting. Our systematic solutions are re-designed and developed regularly to automate and widen our recruitment base. So we can maintain the highest standard possible for all of our clients. Our foremost strength is our ability to build a network of world-class personal relationships!


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It's not just about work but a relationship between us & clients.

We are a small agency, the 4 members team. Every time our agency takes a project, we work very closely with our clients. Gradually it turned into a bonding. It’s not just about the work, it’s about trust, mutual respect, and a clear understanding. Most of our clients are small businesses/ startups or provide individual services. If we did even slightly lousy work, we could not survive. Keeping our work at the highest possible standard is the only key to our success. We work very hard and know our business very well. In this business, we have a very little chance to make any errors. At the core, we always believe, serving the clients is our main job. They are always right, even sometimes they are not. It’s our job to give them what they want.

End of the day we all have one common goal, give you the best quality B2B leads. Put your trust on us, you’ll not be disappointed. We thank all of our clients (1500+), who trusted us. We have started this business from scratch, now we did over 3000 projects (550+ just in 2019). If we are not good at it, we could not come this far. You may feel surprised to know, for most projects we took the payment after the work. Because we are completely honest about what we do, it’s not just about the money, happy clients are more important.

Human Touch: we are working hard to implement every available technology to make sure very low bounces and quality data. Please keep in mind, not a single file we deliver without human touch. Machine help us to accelerate the work but without manual works, it’ll never bring the expected result.

We are looking forward to working with you.

On behalf of our team
RI Razu


A happy client is our core value. From the beginning, we have been working very hard to make sure every single of our clients receives the best quality work. We have received over 1700+ testimonials and 99% of them gave us a 5-star rating!.

As of now, we have 1769 reviews in Fiverr.