Services We Offer

Corporate/Business Email Research

Whether you are a startup, small business or an individual service provider, funneling lead is the most important and efficient part to grow your business. Without a constant flow of new clients, you can’t survive for a long time. That’s where we come to help you. All you have to tell us, what type of business or people are your potential client base. Now relax, rest is our responsibility.

General Company Data Research

Under this package, we’ll help you to get in touch with any business by providing there general information like Business Name, their website, phone number, contact email, physical address, etc. Let us know what is your desired format, we’ll send a sample file for your review. If you want to get in touch with decision-makers, then it’s better to take the Corporate package.

Personal Email Research

In the recruiting industry, personal email (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail, etc.) has more value than corporate email. Surprisingly, it’s very hard to find a valid personal email. We’ve been working with several recruiting agencies last 3 years and proving them validated personal email. For any reason, if you want your potential target personal email, you are in the right place.

Data Cleansing Service

Running an email campaign using outdated data/email is not only be the reason your IP blacklisted or damage its reputation for high bounce rate but also give you zero result. Send us your old database, we’ll enrich them with up-to-date data. We also work directly with any CRM.

Get the best quality B2B Leads (No charge for bad leads)