Get 10% Discount on all US Bangla Airline Flight Ticket

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US Bangla is the largest private airline carrier based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They operate both domestics and international flights in 17 countries. Today we will show you how you can avail 10% discount on all US Bangla Airline domestic flights. This promo code will not work on an international flight.

How to avail 10% discount

Watch the video on YouTube (US Bangla)

US Bangla 10% Discount Promo Details

  • Valid from 01-Mar-2021 to Present
  • Applicable for all domestic flights
  • Both Adult and Child will get the discount
  • Discount for base price only (excluding Tax and vat)
  • You’ll get the discount if you buy it from their Website ( and Mobile apps

How to get the US Bangla Airline 10% discount

I suggest you watch the video first.
Go here -


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