TIP: How to Stop, Video Stop problem in KMP/VLC

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Well, I was watching Narcos (very good TV series, addictive too!) but for some files (.mkv) video all the sudden goes stopped and skip to next file. Never happened before, so I did some Google search about Video stop, got filter control suggestion for KMP but it did not work for me. Then I tried to convert the video (in my case it was .mkv format) to .avi but it’s always failed. Guess what? Then I tried the short cut, just changed the file extension, .mkv to .mp4 and it’s worked!.

Video Stop symptoms

  • Video all the sudden stopped and player go for next file
  • It can happen in any player (if it’s a codec error), like KMP/VLC
  • For me it was .mkv file, I think some other formats also have the same problem
  • And it’s a small disgusting problem like an ant (eat my Logitech keyboard left Ctrl key!)

How to Stop, Video Stop Problem?

  1. It’s easy for everyone, go to File Explorer (Win+E), at the Top follow ‘View‘ tab, look at your right, you’ll see ‘Option‘, okay ride on it and land on ‘View‘ tab, here you’ll see ‘Hide extensions for known file types‘. Uncheck, Apply, Ok and get out.
  2. Now go to your problematic video folder, press right button (F2/Fn+F2) and follow Rename. After dot (.) change ‘mkv’ to ‘mp4’ or any other format you have; a warning message will pop up, just press okay. It should be fixed by now but Please don’t blame me if not, sometimes a video can stop for others reason. In that case, make sure you have tried different players.
Easy Solution to stop your video stop problem
Easy Solution to stop your video stop problem

[P.S. This instruction have been made by following Windows 10, for others windows platform it can be a slightly different.]

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