How to avoid Blue Whale Game – A Road to the Death

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I have no idea why a sensible person plays a game which leads them to the death. So far most casualties happened in Russia, India 2nd and Albania at 3rd. Since 2016 many teens suicide for this game and its first appeared in Novaya Gazeta, a Russian newspaper. This game also invented by a Russian teen, who was a physiology student and later arrested by the authority. Inventor Philipp Budeikin convicted for at least 16 girls suicide!. Most time vulnerable kids are affected by this game but the parent should be more careful. According to the Sun, so far at least 130 kids kill themselves for Blue Whale Game and only in Russia, no official count found for India or other countries.

Say NO to Blue Whale

Most kids started playing this game from curiosity, then at some point they got addicted and trying to show their courage. Game administrator pushed them for new challenges like watching horror movies, visit some dangerous places at midnight or paint whale by cutting own hand etc. The last task is killed yourself!!!. Why they are getting suicidal, I have no idea. If you are a kid/teen never go around this game, for parents always take care your kids, monitor their online activity and create awareness among them so they can avoid the game like this one.

Family Awareness is very important to keep your kids safe.
Family Awareness is very important to keep your kids safe.

If you are a Kid/Teen

  • A lot of kids (especially who live in the city) passing hours after hours behind social media like Facebook, some even don’t have any real friends. At some point, they started thinking virtual world is everything in his/her life and that’s the turning point for their vulnerability. According to recent statistics, at least 83 million Facebook accounts are fake!. And the virtual world you are living that’s also mostly fake! Make friends in the real world, go play in the field, do some kids type work and never ever stuck yourself in online.
  • When does a kid start thinking, killing himself is a courageous work!? Only coward killed themselves, others fight for life. Do some good works, make proud yourself and your family.
  • Don’t trust your virtual friends, as I said before most of them are fake unless you know him/her personally. If they try to allure you on something which is wrong, always say NO.
  • Be close with your family, share with them if you fall into trouble. Trust me they are the only friends you’ll never lose from your side.
  • Control your online activity and never ever share your personal information with any of your so-called virtual ‘friends’. Engaged in some social activity, it’ll help you to understand the world better.
  • If you already started playing Blue Whale: leave the game immediately, there is nothing good in there, if admins try to threat always ignore, they are nothing in your world and have no power to harm you. And MUST share your problem with your parents, brothers or sisters. They’ll always rescue you from this type of condition.

If you are a Parents

Always monitor your kids activity
Always monitor your kid’s activity
  • Do you know, your kids already addicted in online? Did you ever monitor your children online activity? It’s not wise to think, they are not disturbing us, so everything will be fine. Talk to your kids, if they are in any kind of trouble alway ask them to share with you and always take action to solve their problems.
  • Create awareness among your kids, teach them how to avoid the game like Blue Whale or any others addictive online activity. Let them know how important they are for you and your family and how much you love them.
  • Don’t be a super busy parent who doesn’t have time to talk with his boy/girl. If it continues at some point you better be prepared to hear or watch some horrific news done by your son.
  • Go outside sometimes, visit your village home. Do a family picnic.

A healthy family environment always keeps your kids in a protective but friendly environment.

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